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What is guided biofilm therapy (GBT)?

Dental plaque and biofilm can be effectively removed using GBT, a thorough, minimally invasive dental hygiene treatment. It focuses on locating and eliminating dental problems’ root causes, which are commonly biofilms, complex bacterial communities embedded in protective layers on teeth and soft tissues.

How is EMS GBT performed?

EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy is a multi-step procedure and here’s how it’s done: Assessment: The process starts with a complete assessment of your oral health, which may involve a review of your dental history, and a determination of your risk for developing dental disorders. This helps in deciding the best treatment plan. Biofilm Detection: Your clinician can detect the presence of biofilm and dental plaque on your teeth and soft tissues using a disclosing solution. This will make rather invisible bacteria (biofilm and plaque) visible in pink and purple shades. This guides the clinicians to remove it efficiently. Patient education: Most of our patients are fascinated when they see the presence of bacteria so obvious and are thrilled to find out the areas of their mouth that are missed during daily brushing and flossing. It gives us the chance to recommend the best at home device or product that will be beneficial in specific cases. We provide a customized at home care plan for our patients, along with customized professional treatment plans. This is one of the main reasons why our rate of prevention from cavities is very high. Air Flow & Perio flow: One of the key GBT treatments is air flow max and perio flow, in which a mixture of water, air, and tiny powder particles (classic comfort powder) is used to remove biofilm and stains from teeth gently and effectively without harming the enamel, crowns, bridges and around implants. EMS Piezon: Calculus (hardened plaque) and bacterial deposits are removed from dental surfaces using EMS Piezon/or ultrasonic scalers (clinician discretion is advised). High frequency vibrations from Piezoelectric technology break down and remove the particles while minimizing discomfort. Tooth polishing: After the removal of biofilm and stains, teeth are polished to a smooth, dazzling finish. Advice and Home Care: Your dental hygienist will provide a customized plan for at-home routine so you can maintain optimal oral hygiene at home. This customized plan will include brushing and flossing and recommendations for dental care products that will fit to your specific needs.

What Happens After Guided Biofilm Therapy?

After GBT you will experience improved oral health, reduced gum sensitivity, reduction in inflammation of gums and clean teeth. Regular GBT appointments can help you in maintaining optimal oral health, preventing the growth of serious dental issues.

When and why, you need GBT?

Guided Biofilm Therapy – GBT is recommended in the following scenarios: Regular Preventive Care: To keep your mouth healthy and avoid dental problems, GBT teeth cleaning is a great addition to regular dental hygiene treatments. Periodontal therapy: Removal of biofilm and bacterial deposits from below the gumline is done as part of periodontal therapy for those with gum disease. Orthodontic therapy: GBT is extremely beneficial for patients wearing braces to maintain good oral hygiene throughout orthodontic treatment. Stain removal: If you have persistent dental stains brought on by habits like smoking or drinking coffee, GBT – Air flow can help bring back the brilliance of your smile. The stains can be removed with ease, comfort and without harming the enamel surface of your teeth through airflow technology. Sensitive Teeth: By eliminating biofilm and using desensitizing procedures, GBT can be utilized in reducing tooth sensitivity.

 Guided Bioflim Therapy in Edmonton 

You deserve the best care when it comes to your dental health and Clean Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic is the perfect choice for Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). We provide advanced technology and have an experienced and expert team, so you can be confident that your oral health is in good hands. Call us to book at 780 800 6655 or book online.


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