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What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are restorations designed to cover and surround a compromised or damaged tooth. They protect the visible part of a tooth, which is the area above the gum line, and they are customized.

What are dental bridges?

The dental bridges are designed to fill the gap left by lost teeth. The pontics portion of the bridge is placed on either side of a missing tooth/teeth, it can be placed on natural teeth or dental implants. The retainer is the part of the bridge that fills in the gap presented due to the missing tooth, and acts and looks like a natural tooth. A dental bridge can replace one or multiple missing teeth, however it differs case by case basis and our Dentist can recommend the best treatment option for you.
How to repair a broken or discolored tooth? All about crowns.

Procedure of a dental crown or a dental bridge 

Tooth preparation: At first visit, Local anesthesia is used to maintain patient comfort. The dentist will prepare the tooth/teeth.

Impression: A digital scan and an impression taken of the tooth surroundings.

Temporary crown or bridge: A temporary crown or bridge will be placed over a prepared tooth for protection until a permanent crown is crafted.  

Crown or bridge fabrication: The digital scan that was taken to measure your teeth size is sent to the laboratory to prepare your customized Permanent crown or permanent bridge. This might take a week.

Placement of a crown or bridge: Once your permanent crown is ready to be placed you will visit the clinic and dentist will remove the temporary crown and put the permanent one to check if it’s fitting accurately and the color is matching the rest of your teeth. 

Cementing: On your second visit, the permanent crown or bridge is cemented or bonded in place using dental cement.

Final Adjustments: The dentist will make any required final adjustments to ensure a comfortable bite and a normal appearance.

Polishing: The excess cement will be removed and the tooth will be polished. 

Post-care: You may feel a little discomfort after the procedure but it will eventually fade away. The dentist will give you instructions to follow. In most cases, patients are advised to maintain their 6 month regular dental hygiene routine. The regular periodontal maintenance (dental hygiene) may be different depending on the patients periodontal health and routine advised by our dentist and dental hygienist.

When do you need dental crowns?

You may need to get a dental crown in the following scenarios:

  • Severe Tooth Decay
  • Fractured or Cracked Teeth
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Cosmetic Enhancements
  • Replacing Large Fillings

When do you need dental bridges?

The scenarios in which you need dental bridges are mentioned below:

  • Missing Teeth
  • Restoring Function
  • Preventing Tooth Shifting
  • Enhancing Aesthetics of your smile

Risks and pain

You may experience a little pain or discomfort after the procedure of a dental crown or bridge but there is nothing to worry about because the irritation will go away after some time. If it persists the best thing to do is to have it checked by the dentist to make sure your dental health is maintained.

Dental crowns and dental bridges in Edmonton

Dental crowns and dental bridges are an effective way to protect damaged teeth, providing both functional and attractive benefits. Low cost (cheap) dental crowns may offer a cost-effective solution for restoring your smile. Clean Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic, Edmonton North welcomes you to experience our top-notch services. Our skilled dentists will examine your oral health and suggest you the best affordable dental crowns and bridges services. We follow Alberta Fee Guide, to provide dental service.

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