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Night guards

You may be grinding and clenching your teeth during sleep, if you experience headache or jaw pain in the morning. This unconscious oral habit is known as bruxism. Teeth grinding is harmful for your oral health, due to its negative effect on TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) and enamel loss on teeth causes wear on tooth structure. Night guards are the devices usually made of plastic which are used to protect the teeth from clenching and grinding.

Mouth sport guards

If you are engaged in contact sports or physical activities, there is a huge risk of dental injuries and breaking of your jaw bone. Mouth sport guards can help in protecting your teeth and jaw, along with other required precautions.

Customized night guards and mouth sport guards

Your dentist will take an impression of your oral structure with an intraoral 3d scanner. The impression will be sent to the laboratory to have your customized night guard or mouth guard made. Both of them are customized to your teeth, so they perfectly and provide great comfort.

Material of night guards and mouth sport guards

A durable plastic is used to make night guards to prevent you from grinding your teeth while sleeping. Mouth sport guards are made up of resilient material, which absorbs impact of forces and spreads them evenly decreasing the risk of dental or facial injuries.

Benefits of the night guards

Night guards prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) as you sleep, reducing tooth damage and relieving pain and suffering. They will help minimize the related symptoms such as attrition (wearing of enamel), jaw discomfort and headaches.

Benefits of Mouth Sport Guards

Mouth sport guards offer critical protection during physical activities and sports, lowering the chance of dental injuries such as broken or knocked-out teeth, improving safety, and protecting your smile.


In order to maintain the effectiveness of the night guards and mouth sport guards, they should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

Types of Night Guards

Soft Night Guards: Made up of flexible materials like silicone, soft night guards provide softness and comfort, making them suitable for teeth grinding (bruxism) situations. They may, however, wear out faster.

Hard Night Guards: More long-lasting and ideal for moderate to severe bruxism because they are made of rigid acrylic. They provide strong protection but can be uncomfortable in the initial period when you start wearing it.

Dual-Layer Night Guards: They provide the advantages of soft and hard night guards. The soft inner layer provides cushioning, while the hard outer layer provides durability, making them suitable for people with varying degrees of bruxism.

Types of Mouth Sport Guards

Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards: You may personalize these mouthguards by boiling them to soften the material, enabling you to bite into them to produce a semi-custom fit. They provide more protection than stock guards.

Custom-Fit Mouthguards: The best choice, custom-fit mouthguards are made by dental experts using imprints of your teeth. They are suitable for serious athletes because they provide a precise fit, greater protection, and optimum comfort.

Performance Mouthguards: They are meant to improve sports performance by increasing ventilation and decreasing clenching. They’re popular among elite athletes and may be tailored to fit perfectly.

Why Should You Choose Customized Night Guards and Mouth Sport Guards?

Customized night and mouth sport guards guarantee a flawless fit for your individual dental structure, increasing comfort and protection.

Looking for Customized Night Guards and Mouth Sport Guards in Edmonton?

You are at the right place! Clean Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic provides the best custom-made night guards and mouth sport guards. We follow the Alberta Fee Guide. For more information, contact us at 780 800 6655 or visit our clinic located in Edmonton, North.

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