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What is Dental scaling/teeth cleaning?

When Teeth cleaning, scaling is the process of removing dental plaque and tartar, also known as calculus, off the surfaces of your teeth carefully. 

Scaling is performed by our skilled and experienced dental hygienists during your dental hygiene visit.

Scaling and dental cleaning ensure that biofilm, plaque, and calculus removal is performed optimally from tooth structures, especially in places where it tends to accumulate, like along the gumline, under the gumline, and in between the teeth. The hygienist performs this treatment with the help of special dental tools and uses adjunctive methods for optimal results.

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Why is scaling important?

Scaling is typically a major and routine part of dental cleaning appointments and is a crucial part of preserving good oral hygiene and overall dental health. Here are some reasons why scaling is essential:

  • A sticky, invisible layer of germs called dental plaque (biofilm) grows on your teeth over time. If left untreated or untouched, it may result in tooth decay and gum disease
  • When plaque is not properly removed, it can harden into tartar (a calcified deposit) that can only be removed by scaling.
  • Scaling helps in maintaining good oral health. Removing tartar can help in protecting the gums from inflammation and infection.
  • Dental scaling is a preventative procedure to avoid more serious dental problems which can later result in periodontal disease, bone loss, and in worse cases tooth loss.  As a part of a more general teeth cleaning and dental cleaning routine scaling is something that a dental professional can provide that will give significant benefit.  

How is scaling done?

Dental scaling is typically performed by a dental hygienist using specialized tools. These include manual scalers and ultrasonic instruments, which vibrate to remove plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line. The process helps to smooth the surface of the tooth, making it harder for plaque to accumulate.

Oral examination: Dental professionals will do a visual checkup for problems in your mouth.  They will look for things like problem areas, teeth decay and periodontal disease.  They will also look at the gum line and your overall oral hygiene.  

X-rays: Can be taken for a more thorough assessment if needed along with periodontal pocket readings.

Plaque and Tartar Removal: A registered and skilled dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar during the teeth cleaning procedure by using special dental equipment. At Clean Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic, we perform scaling followed by GBT – Guided Biofilm Therapy with Air Flow.

Deep Cleaning (if required): It involves the thorough cleaning below the gumline and smooth root surfaces.

Scaling and polishing of teeth: A professional dental cleaning for your teeth will include getting your teeth polished to remove any surface stains and to make the surface smooth.  

Fluoride Application (optional): To strengthen your teeth enamel, fluoride application can be used by the hygienist.

Follow-up Appointments: Dental cleaning services from a dental clinic like Clean Smiles are on a regular routine.  Your hygienist will guide and instruct you how to maintain your oral health at home and/or if you need subsequent visits to finish the scaling.

teeth cleaning and dental scaling services

Teeth scaling is harmful, is it a myth or a fact?

You may have heard that scaling makes your teeth more sensitive, but that’s not entirely true.

The fact is that when a dental hygienist removes tartar during scaling, your teeth are exposed to the oral environment for the time being, which may cause some sensitivity. Though, as the tissues reattach to your gums, this sensation naturally goes away after a few days.

Non-invasive Treatments

We also offer many other non-invasive treatment options to stop the sensitivity during your dental hygiene visits and after the dental hygiene appointment.

Some people wrongly believe that scaling weakens the teeth. Scaling, in fact, helps to strengthen your teeth by removing plaque biofilm and calculus buildup, which can weaken and sometimes damage the tooth structure if left for a longer period of time. Regular scaling is essential for keeping teeth strong and stopping future tooth loss.

Therefore, it’s important to maintain the health and integrity of your smile.

Looking for gentle scaling or teeth cleaning services nearby?

At Clean Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic in Edmonton, our expert dental hygienists are dedicated to maintaining your optimal oral health. They perform efficient dental scaling procedures to protect your healthy smile for a lifetime. Additionally, they will guide you in maintaining a healthy oral care routine at home helping you reduce your dental cleaning cost and ensure your teeth stay strong throughout your life.

Call us at 780 800 6655 or book your dental hygiene visit today at Clean Smiles Dental, Edmonton North.

We offer dental cleanings and can work directly with your dental insurance if you have benefits.  Our dental clinic also has a number of other services, not just cleaning services.  Consult with us on all of your dental health needs. 

We also offer regular dental cleanings on your schedule, and we can guide you on what the best structure is for routine dental cleanings. 

teeth scalng and dental cleaning services

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