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Digital X-rays and Dental Examination

Advanced Insights into Your Oral Health

What are dental x-Rays?

Dental X-rays, also known as radiographs, provide detailed internal images of your teeth, periodontal structure and jaws. They are a valuable tool that dentists use to investigate structures that may not be visible during a regular dental check-up. These X-rays reveal essential information about your jawbone, nerve pathways, sinuses, and the roots of your teeth.

How is it done?

Dental X-rays are necessary to diagnose and monitor dental conditions that are not visible to the naked eye, such as cavities between teeth, infections, impacted teeth and bone loss. They enable dentists to provide timely and effective treatment, ensuring patient’s oral health is maintained. Here is how it is done.

Digital X-rays:

Preparation: A lead apron will be given to a patient to be protected against radiation exposure. Appropriate dental equipment is selected.

Positioning: The X-ray machine is positioned to capture images of the specific area of interest in the mouth.

X-ray exposure: A small film or sensor is placed around the area to be examined. The X-ray machine is activated to achieve the image.

Image capture: The X-ray images are quickly digitally captured and shown on a computer screen in seconds.

Image analysis: Dentists analyze the digital X-rays to detect problems such as cavities, infections, bone abnormalities, or impacted teeth.

Dental Examination:

Medical history: The dentist reviews the patient’s medical history.

Intra oral examination: Examination of the mouth’s internal structures, including teeth, gums, soft tissues, tongue, and the palate, to diagnose dental and oral health conditions will be done.

Visual inspection: The dentist visually examines the patient’s mouth, gums, and teeth for signs of decay, damage, or abnormalities.

Dental instruments: Specialized tools like probes and mirrors are used to assess the health of teeth and gums.

X-rays: If necessary, digital X-rays are taken to get a more detailed view of dental issues.

Gum health: The dentist checks for gum disease, assessing factors like gum color, bleeding, and pocket depth.

Bite and alignment: The dentist evaluates the patient’s bite and tooth alignment, looking for issues like misalignment or bite problems. A digital scan will be taken at this step of the exam.

Oral cancer screening: A thorough examination includes a check for signs of oral cancer, such as unusual lumps or sores.


Dental examination in Edmonton

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