Do you have Sensitive teeth? 

We know, it is not fun to live with sensitive teeth! 

Reasons: Gum recession and/ or enamel wear and/ or tooth decay (cavities)

  • Gum recession can happen due to gum disease, brushing too hard, clenching or grinding your teeth
  • Enamel wear can happen due to acid erosion (due to acidic food consumption), clenching or grinding your teeth, crowded teeth.
  • Tooth decay can happen due to lack of plaque removal on daily basis, food consumption high in carbohydrates, not providing routine professional dental care.

What can you do to find relief at home from sensitivity? 

      • Use sensitivity tooth paste.
      • Use extra soft tooth brush and reduce the pressure while brushing.
      • Use electric tooth brush.
      • Use a night guard (custom made is recommended).
      • Warm salt water rinse (temporary relief)
      • Reduce acidic food intake, rinse your mouth with water right after consuming acidic food.
      • Reduce consumption of food high in carbohydrates, rinse your mouth with water after consuming food high in carbohydrates.

We highly recommend you visit one of our hygienists or our Dentist, we offer number of non-invasive professional and affordable treatment options to eliminate teeth sensitivity.

Professional treatment options for teeth sensitivity 

If at home remedies are not working to find relief from sensitivity. Here are some treatment options for sensitivity relief that we offer at clean smiles:

These treatment options are:

Pain Free




We can apply topical desensitization products on your teeth that are very helpful to find long term relief and make sensitivity management a lot better

One of our favorite methods is laser treatment, (ps. It is Pain free). 

This is very quick, affordable and pain free treatment to find permanent relief from teeth sensitivity that is caused by gum recession. 

Please feel free to book an appointment for consult of laser treatment with one of our hygienists at the clinic and see if this is the right option for you to find permanent relief from sensitive teeth!