What is a Dental and Periodontal Examination? 5 things you need to know!

What is a Dental and Periodontal Examination? 5 things you need to know!

Many people avoid going to a dental clinic and wonder why they should visit it? The truth is everyone should visit the dental hygienist and dentist at least twice a year. Regardless of a dental problem or not, it is necessary to have a regular checkup done to make sure that oral health is maintained. The regular yearly dental checkups and
dental hygiene visits can reduce the risk of developing gum diseases, can help detect oral cancer at an early stage, and can detect any other dental problems at early stages. This saves us from dental issues from becoming bigger and most likely can affect our overall health if left untreated or undetected.

A comprehensive dental exam is comprised of dental and periodontal examination. Both the Examination are carried out at Dentist and dental hygienist. An early diagnose of any underlying dental problem can be resolved at the early stages, ultimately costing much less hassle, discomfort and cost than if is left untreated or undiagnosed for
extended period of time.

What is a Dental Examination?

A dental examination is also known as a complete oral examination, where the dental professional will perform a thorough checkup of your teeth, soft tissues (intra oral and extra oral), functionality of bite, TMJ and over all oral health. This diagnostic exam helps to indicate the oral and overall health of the person. During the procedure, the dentist check teeth for any possible cavities, signs of infection or any other dental problems. It also includes the evaluation of any risk of developing any serious oral problem like oral cancer or abnormalities. During a dental exam, the evaluation and diagnosis is usually performed by going through a combination dental X-rays, visual checkup and periodontal examination.

5 things you need to know about a Dental examination

  1. Why Dental examination is important?
    A dental examination is important and need to be done for detection of tooth
    decay, infection or any other underlying oral dental health problems. Any dental
    problem at the early stage is a lot easier to treat. This examination also helps the
    person to get educated about the best ways to take care of his teeth and gums.
  2. When should I go for this exam?
    A dental examination should ideally be performed once or twice a year but if you are experiencing any discomfort or pain in the teeth, it is recommended to immediately visit the dentist so that the problem can be fixed immediately.
  3. How it is performed?
    In the dental examination, the Dentist will evaluate the extra oral and intra oral tissues, check all of your teeth, and gums. The Dentist will look for any dental decay, tooth fractures, signs of infection, check the functionality of bite and check the TMJ. During a dental exam, the evaluation and diagnosis is usually performed by going through a combination dental X-rays, visual checkup. It also includes the consideration of your lifestyle, eating habits, usage of cigarettes and alcohol and guide you accordingly.
  4. Who performs it?
    A dental exam is usually performed by a Dentist and a Dental Hygienist. A dentist is a professional doctor who is trained to treat the teeth, gums, and any other serious issues whereas the hygienist is a dental health care professional who is trained and skilled to provide treatment for periodontal maintenance (commonly knows as dental hygiene or teeth cleaning) and guide the patient about maintaining good oral health at home.
  5. What are the benefits of a dental examination?
    1. It will make sure that you can achieve your dental health throughout your life time.
    2. It prevents you from cavities and gum diseases to go undetected and untreated.
    3. It will prevent dental problem to become bigger by detecting and most likely fixing them.
    4. It helps in overcoming a bad breath.
    5. It helps you to maintain a clean, health and bright smile.
    6. It helps in boosting your confidence.

What is a Periodontal Examination?

A periodontal examination is performed by a Dental Hygienist or a Dentist to assess the condition of the periodontal structures (gums and bone surrounding the teeth). One of the clinical steps during this exam is to perform “periodontal probing” which provides the in-depth numeric details of the health of gums and bone surrounding the teeth. It determines the gum health, inflammation, or any disease related to the structures of
teeth is present.

5 things you need to know about a Periodontal examination.

  1. Why Periodontal examination is needed to be done?
    Regular periodontal exam is important to maintain the healthy gums and bone structure surrounding the teeth. It ensures that these problems don’t stay undetected, and by fixing the periodontal issues not only prevent from dental emergencies but its also assures that over all health is maintained as well, since bad periodontal health can effect overall health adversely as well.
  2. When should I go for this examination?
    We usually recommend a periodontal exam every 6 month along with dental hygiene visit, it could be recommended more frequently, if there is active periodontal disease or any other underlying health conditions are present. You should make an appointment with the dental hygienist as soon as possible if you notice bleeding gums, soreness around the gums. An early diagnosis and treatment could save you from pain, spending a lot of money later and it also assures that you can maintain oral health throughout your life time.
  3. How it is performed?
    During periodontal exam your dental hygienist evaluates the health of the bone and gums (gingiva) which surround the tooth. The instrument used in this procedure is called a Periodontal probe which helps to determine and measure the areas of inflammation and /or bone loss. The evaluation and diagnosis during periodontal exam are usually performed by going through a combination of dental X-rays, visual checkup and periodontal probing.
  4. Who performs it?
    The periodontal examination is performed by your dental hygienist or general dentist. If there is evidence of active periodontal disease, severe recession of your gums or severe bone loss, then dental professional will guide you accordingly and you might be referred to a periodontal specialist (periodontist). Periodontists are trained to treat advanced periodontal disease.
  5. What are the benefits of a Periodontal examination?
    1. Periodontal exam and treatment are not only beneficial for your oral health but it is important for maintaining over all health as well.
    2. It helps in the early diagnosis and treatment for periodontal disease.
    3. It helps the patient to save money which he would spend if the problem worsens.
    4. It helps to maintain healthy gums and bones around the teeth.

It is important to take care of your oral health and overall health is very important. Visit the dental office every six months whether you have any problem or not, it will benefit you in the long run.
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