Comprehensive Oral Screening

Dental screening is a comprehensive exam employing the traditional intraoral x-ray as needed, which is an x-ray film placed in the mouth and extraoral as needed which is an x-ray film used outside the mouth to detect problems in the jaw and skull as well as intraoral and extraoral visual exams.

Digital x-rays use an electronic sensor that allows us to capture a high-resolution digital image that can be viewed on a computer. A comprehensive periodontal evaluation helps the hygienist determine the overall health of your teeth and gums with an assessment of plague accumulation, bite, bone structure and any potential risk factors.


Dental Cleaning

Today’s highly skilled dental hygienist has many techniques to help patients suffering from gum disease or excessive plaque build-up. Standard cleaning addresses the surface of the teeth, but a process known as tooth scaling goes much deeper.

Tooth scaling, sometimes referred to as deep cleaning, is a common practice that reaches below the gum line to remove excessive plaque buildup and to mitigate the effects of gum disease. Tooth scaling is often followed by another procedure called root planing.

While tooth scaling is performed to remove excessive plaque, root planing is utilized to smooth the surface of the root so that gums may heal and again fit tightly around the tooth. Your hygienist will offer advice and insights into how to best improve your gums and maintain your dental health going forward.


Implant Care

Dental implants are typically single tooth replacements – an artificial tooth designed to replace a lost or damaged natural tooth. And although they are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, they require significantly different care.

Dental implants are supported by bone and gum structures and need special attention to maintain good oral health and to extend the life of the implant.

Your dental hygienist will provide a safe and thorough cleaning of all teeth, including implants and can explain techniques for the proper care of dental implants at home. By establishing an effective home care regimen and regular dental checkups and cleanings, your natural teeth will remain healthy and implants will serve you well for many years to come.


Tooth Polishing (Stain Removal)

Tooth polishing is typically done after a thorough cleaning and just before fluoride treatment. Tooth polishing is commonly performed with a prophy cup – a small rubber cup – along with a mildly abrasive polishing compound. Smooth, bright and stain-free teeth can be a tremendous confidence booster. When you feel confident about the look and feel of your teeth, you’re more likely to embrace good oral care habits.


Cavity Prevention

Cavities are caused by a softening of tooth enamel caused by acids and also when foods containing carbohydrates become trapped between teeth or are not removed adequately by brushing or flossing.

Here at Clean Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic, we employ a variety of effective techniques to help prevent the formation of cavities. A standard fluoride treatment strengthens tooth enamel and reduces the chance of cavity formation.

Silver Diamine Fluoride treatments also reduce the risk and provide an added benefit of lessening tooth sensitivity. We’ll happily assist with the creation of a customized home care plan. We’ll be glad to explain the causes of tooth decay and the many preventative treatment methods available.



It’s important to let your dental hygienist know if you’re prone to sensitivity or experience any discomfort during the cleaning process. A variety of products and approaches are available to decrease tooth sensitivity. We’ll be happy to explain the many options available to make your visit more stress-free and enjoyable.



Our goal at Clean Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic is for your treatment to be comfortable, relaxing and as stress-free as possible. Please let us know immediately if you’re feeling any discomfort or sensitivity.

Your dental hygienist can suggest a variety of ways to lessen discomfort including new needle-free anaesthesia to make the process of cleaning more comfortable.


Teeth Whitening

Even if you’re blessed with beautiful, white teeth – and practice good oral hygiene – you will eventually experience some level of discolouration. Soft drinks, coffee, tea and even certain foods can leave behind unsightly stains. Staining will impact your smile and can also affect your confidence.

Fortunately, we offer several affordable, convenient and customized whitening methods to lighten the colour of your teeth, without harming your oral health. A brief session using a concentrated bleaching gel and LED light will brighten your teeth from 2 to 5 shades with minimal tooth sensitivity. Take-home whitening kits are also available. Let us help restore your smile to a gleaming, bright white state and provide you with a confidence boost at the same time!

We love to see you smile!