Foods To Avoid To Prevent Tooth Decay

Foods To Avoid To Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common dental concern. It can happen at any age. As we know our food consumption dictate the out come of our over all health, its is not different for our dental health. For the most part, food can be the deciding factor for the health of our teeth. The health of the teeth and gums depends mainly on our eating habits and on our daily oral care habits.

When there is a habit of eating or drinking high carb foods and drinks, it not only affect negativeky on our overall health but our dental health can also be demaged. There is a thin, invisible, gluey film of bacteria called plaque or biofilm, that covers the surface of our teeth. It needs to be removed every 12 hours or twice/day via brushing and flossing. When there is no proper daily cleaning of teeth and on top of it having a habit of eating sugary and starchy stuff, the plaque and the food come into contact to form acid. These acids can demage the enamel on the teeth and cavities/dental decay is the outcome.

If we constantly ignore the eating habit and oral homae care and professional oral hygiene, these repeated acid attacks can break the hard enamel on the surface of the tooth structure.

Let us have a look at the list of foods which we should stay away from or at least limit ourselves to keep our teeth healthy.

Foods that can cause tooth decay


Sour, Sticky and Sugary candies

People with sweet tooth can not stay away from sugary stuff. Many of them crave sour and sticky candies and have them on daily basis. In reality, these candies are the most dangerous food which can ultimately causes tooth decay. Candies that stay in the mouth for a long time such as caramel candies, lollypops, jellies, and hard candies are the worst ones. Desserts that carry a lot of sugar can cause tooth decay also.

Tip: first of all, limit it and try to have it at the end of the meal and rinse with water.Brush your teeth 30 – 45 mins after the consumption.


Consumption of Alcohol in large quanities or frequently can cause enamel erosion on the surfaces of teeth. Some vines contain a compound called Tannis, which can dry the mouth and stain the teeth. Alcohol over use can cause gum disease, Dental decay and stanning.

Tip: Try to limit the sonsumption but if taken occasionally, brush your teeth after the consumption 30-45 mins.  

Carbonated/ energy drinks

Carbonated or energy drinks whether it is sugar-free or not, contain a lot of acids. Usage of these drinks can cause tooth decay or cavities. Energy drinks bring no good to overall health as well. These drinks must be avoided to keep the teeth healthier. Some drinks have a very dmegaing combination of being acidic and high in carbohydrates. This can make the dental decay process that much faster.

Tip: If there is a habit of drinking such drinks on daily basis, cut them otherwise it can cause serious health and dental issues. but if it is taken occasionally, brush your teeth 30 – 45 mins.


Although citrus fruits are very important for health, when it is eaten in larger portion every day it can wear away the enamel of the tooth, making it more exposed to cavities and decay. Lemons, grapefruits, and limes have a high amount of acid which can cause tooth decay.

Tip: Try to incorporate a small portion of citrus fruits into the diet. Use a straw while drinking citrus juices and never forget to brush your teeth 30-45 mins. After the consumption.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits such as apricots, raisins, and figs are good for our health but if consumed in a larger portion on daily basis can cause tooth decay. It contains a high amount of sugar and the texture is much like gummies that stick to the teeth.

Tip: Cut the number of dried fruits, eat in one sitting and always brush 30 –  45 mins. after eating it.


Pickles are processed in vinegar which makes them acidic. Eating pickles on daily basis can cause staining on your teeth as well as it can wear away the tooth enamel. Most of the pickles have sugar in them which is also very dangerous and causes cavities.

Tip: Cut down the usage and try to consume in one sitting, don’t forget to brush your teeth 30 – 45 mins. after eating it.


Crackers are made up of refined carbohydrates. Carbohydrates is the main sorce of energy for bacteria and acid is the out come which causes tooth decay.

Tip: Avoid eating crackers with short intervals,try eating it in one sitting. Consume a piece of cheese or protein after the consuming carbohydrates. Brush your teeth 30 – 45 mins after the consumption.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known as a detoxifying drink but it contains a high amount of acid which can wear the tooth enamel and dry up the mouth. Consuming raw vinegar can be worst for your teeth.

Tip: If it is consumed on daily basis, dilute it with water and drink it at one sitting. Consider having it with straw. Rinse your mouth instantly and brush your teeth 30 – 45 mins. After the consumption.


Sugar and acidic food are the worst enemies of our teeth. For healthier teeth try to consume food that has vitamins and minerals. Incorporate food that does not have acids and helps in stimulating the saliva. Take care of oral hygiene so that plaque does not cover the teeth, eat nutritious food and stay healthy.


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